dinsdag 3 februari 2009

Room eleven

No, I don't talk about the band 'Room Eleven'. You know, that band with the song 'Paralyzer'. I'm talking about my own room, I changed it totally and made a few pictures. First I had also fashion pictures on my wall but it wasn't beautiful. The pictures weren't the same size so I dicided to do it all over again. And the result is that I'm so happy with it.

The pillow cover is made by a friend of mine, she gave it when I became fourteen.

I don't like school, and also my books. But I like the reflection in the table.

You see: me when I was three years old in a costume of Volendam, my lovely dog Rex, me in a park when it was autumn, me with three other friends in summer and a picture of the beach in La Palma where I was last summer.

This is a drawing I made by my own, but I didn't mind. It's from ELLE girl's issue when they became 5 years old.

4 opmerkingen:

  1. your room is beautiful! so creative and lovely! :)

  2. hoi liliaantje!
    wat een gezellig kamertje en ik hou ├ęcht van je fashionwall :).
    Ik zal 's eventjes je oude blog tussen mn links weghalen en deze er neer zetten.
    je new blog is leuk!

  3. Hahaha, ik herken Franconville, of niet;)