dinsdag 10 februari 2009

Twisted diamond heart, I'm the weekend warrior

Yes, I found a "new" band. Maybe it isn't new for you, but since 2 days I like the band MGMT.
The songs are (I think) electricpop and my best friend calls it crap. Sometimes he's right.

Ps: Do you like it or not? And I've also a tip of Fashion Fools: If you like this music, search also on YouTube for 'Empire Of The Sun' and 'Yeasayer'.

4 opmerkingen:

  1. goshh im in love with mgmt for about 3/4th of a year now.. haha

    theyare so amazing.. if like mgmt you could ggive a try for empire of the sun & yeasayer.. it kinda looks like each other.. exept for the fact they don't have a gorgeous andrew <3

  2. jaaaaaaaa ze zijn leuk - heb ze live op lowlands gezien :$ vond ze erg tof! maar niet alles..

  3. oh ja! en je header! ik vond die andere zo ontzettend leuk, maar ik moet zeggen.. deze is ook ERG mooi :O

  4. empire of the sun, i think, is trying to copy mgmt's style a bit.

    but it's true, they all are amazing! :)