maandag 20 april 2009

Where the sky is filled with bewildered flowers of music, I've let go the boat of my songs

All along the eastern shore
Put your circuits in the sea
This is what the world is for
Making electricity

But there's really nothing, nothing we can do
Love must be forgotten
Life can always start up anew
The models will have children, we'll get divorce
We'll find some more models
Everything must run its course

You toss all the mornings lost to the clouds and you watch it go
Your fairweather friends on a parachute binge get lost when the wind blows
The handshake's stuck on the tip of my tongue
It tastes like death but it looks like fun

4 opmerkingen:

  1. Oh! I absolutely looooove MGMT.
    I bought their album a couple of weeks ago.
    It's amazing!

  2. Leuke blog heb je en heel mooi haar!

    With love Jessi

  3. weet je hoe zulke leuke foto's!
    en leuke polaroids in de zijbalk.

    slapen in de tuin is echt een tip! - haha
    ik houd echt van dit weer. jij dus ook.
    enjoy your day x

  4. woew, die ken ik niet? zijn het zangers? acteurs? :D. of ben ik nu heel dom ;p